The plan is finalized.

We want to build a new live performance venue on the site of the existing Playhouse as soon as possible. Fredericton City Council has committed $14 million to the plan, declaring it the City's top cultural infrastructure priority. Council recognized the current Playhouse will not be able to serve the community much longer.

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The location is chosen.

After extensive public consultation and debate and for a variety of practical reasons, the existing site was found to be the best option. The plan features a more pedestrian-focused redesign of the side facing the legislature.


A new building is the only solution.

Initially, we investigated upgrading the current Playhouse to extend the life of this beloved building. But research showed the costs would be unreasonable and the results irresponsibly unpredictable. We would be left with much less of a facility, with decreased options, revenues and services. The solution is to build a new facility that our community can afford, that will increase performance options for artists and put a state-of-the-art "community living room" at the centre of Fredericton's ambitious plans for downtown growth.

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What are we waiting for?

The provincial and federal governments need to join the City of Fredericton in helping to finance this vitally important community asset. Our elected representatives need to hear from citizens like you that building a new live performance venue is a priority. With the support of all three levels of government, we can break ground on the new building before the current Playhouse must close for good.


Speak Up!

Can you imagine downtown Fredericton without a live performance venue? Neither can we. But time is running out. We are very close to losing the Playhouse. We must Build The Playhouse 2.0. We must make our bold plan for a new, right-sized venue a reality before it's too late. Our community needs it. Our artists need it. Our downtown's ambitious development plans need it.