500 Emails - We still do not have funding approved for a Playhouse replacement

We have a federal election now started and a 1-year-old provincial government that has not made any moves to support Fredericton City Council’s #1 infrastructure priority: a new performing arts centre.

If you think this is a problem, we’ve made it easy to let your representatives know.

Starting today, we are inviting concerned citizens and supporters across the province to speak up through email. This is your opportunity to be heard — and we’ve made it easy for you. 

With just a few clicks, you can let your representatives know that when the Playhouse shuts down you don’t want the live performances to end — that you want live performances to continue in the capital region for generations to come.

The Fredericton Playhouse is a pillar of arts and culture for our community and all of New Brunswick. A critical contributor to the region’s social and cultural fabric, it serves a wide population through its many programs and services — including school children, newcomers, cultural groups, and many others.

We are at risk of losing this important community asset. There have been efforts to extend the life of the existing building, but engineers and other experts have determined that the only solution is to build a new venue. 

This is an important opportunity to create a new public space, at the heart of our community. It’s an opportunity to not only maintain the valuable programs and services the Playhouse provides but to expand them with a larger, better facility.

A new facility will deliver countless benefits to our economy. Losing the Playhouse could make it hard to attract and retain workers, making our region less competitive. Further, a downtown performance venue provides a major injection of economic activity into Fredericton’s vibrant city centre.

Hearing directly from voters is important to decision makers

We need you to ask for your representatives’ support to build the next version of the Playhouse. Fredericton City Council has identified this project as its top infrastructure priority and has stepped up with a financial commitment, but now we need other levels of government to come onside.

There is a robust, community-driven plan in place to ensure that we will continue to be served by a live performance venue for generations to come. The project is ready to move forward, but our community needs a response on the federal and provincial funding requests that have been made.

By the end of September, our goal is to have 500 concerned residents in the region contact their representatives to support this initiative.

- Greg MacFarlane

Greg MacFarlane is the President of the board of directors of Fredericton Playhouse Inc.