Where will the new centre be built?

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The Playhouse's current site is ideal for the new venue.


After years of discussion and study, it was determined an expanded version of the current site at the corner of Queen and St. John Streets is best. 

There had been discussion of the possibility of building on riverfront land at the foot of York Street, along the south side of St. Anne Point Drive (currently the York Street surface parking lot).

After a technical review and exhaustive consultation with user groups, stakeholders and the public, Fredericton Playhouse Inc. and Fredericton City Council agreed the expanded Queen Street location was preferable. Major benefits include:

  • Proximity to hotels, Fredericton Convention Centre, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, restaurants and other amenities.
  • An opportunity to develop the area as an arts and culture precinct within the downtown.
  • Maintaining the traditional site of the Playhouse.
  • Maintaining (potentially expanding) a physical connection with the convention centre.
  • Proximity and connection to the East End Parking Garage.
  • Lower site-preparation costs than York Street site.
  • Immediate availability of the site. 
  • Alleviating public concerns about the York Street site, including displaced parking, Harvest Jazz and Blues use, flooding.