Why have 850-seat and 300-seat capacities?

Option 2 Plans - 170917-01.png

Size matters when it comes to venues. Both too much and too little seating can limit options for artists and touring groups.

Extensive research led to this configuration. Nearly 400 people were consulted, including current and potential users, the arts community and business and civic leaders. We considered how the Playhouse is used, missed opportunities, the needs of local users and future trends.

The 850-seat theatre will better position Fredericton among other facilities in the Maritimes, creating more opportunities for commercial touring productions. It is large enough to attract users that currently pass by Fredericton, such as touring Broadway shows, marquee stand-up comedians and commercial concerts. 

The 300-seat flexible venue was identified as a pressing need in the community. Local musicians, dance artists and theatre companies – amateur and professional – find the current Playhouse too big and other local venues  too small. The 300-seat space is perfect for many emerging artists and smallers touring productions.